The Best way to play MP3s on an iPhone?

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The Best way to play MP3s on an iPhone?

Post #1 by Jim » 1 month ago

Hi Folks,

Sorry to bother you with what may seem trivial but...

I've had an iPhone for ages from work (since Blackberry self destructed) and I like to use it for playing MP3s from time to time (I don't want to go to itunes formats nor any other) and the odd FLAC File (but they are really too big for the iPhone). My gripe is with the built in player I never know if some tunes I've ripped from CDs or gotten from others will play. It drives me crazy! And I have a lot of tunes.

It would be nice to know what is required to have the built in player "see" the files to play them. In iTunes (on the PC) it shows them all, but really messes them up on the phone. Sometimes all the tunes from an album show up as individual albums which is very annoying when you want to hear the whole album while mowing the lawn. A lot of times you can see them at all! Of course in Windows the Albums are all in the same Folder, but I don't see any option to play a Folder in ITunes.

I have looked (numerous times actually) at other Free Players for the iPhone. I never stream (320 Kbps is my MP3 standard and streaming just doesn't cut it. Besides a lot of places where I want tunes - like flying home on a Jet - you can't stream. And, of course, I'm cheap.) I don't want software that grabs my personal info, pushes advertisements at me, etc. I'd just want a simple one that plays tunes easily from Folders (I guess) with little fuss. Sort of like Windows Media Player used to be.

Today, I pulled down the VLC player but it seems to want you to load individual files onto the phone just for it. Of course I'm a bit lazy, and I was hoping it would "see" all the tunes I loaded via iTunes. I have no idea if VLC will let you use folders. Is it the best one out there or is there something better these days?

Your assistance and recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks for the assist.


Jim :thumbsup:

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