Sorry about the spam lately...

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Sorry about the spam lately...

Post #1 by JoeLouie » 3 years ago

Hey guys, sorry about the friggin' spammers lately. I've been away for work for the last month (just flew home last night), and haven't had much of a chance to log into OE. I'll see what I can do later this week, once I settle back in at home. I've deleted the stupid threads for now and will see what I can do about preventing them from posting/registering at all.

Also, sorry about any potential typos in this post, I may or may not have had a few drinks tonight, watching the Toronto Blue Jays eliminate the Texas Rangers from the playoffs, so... that's my excuse :lol: I'm usually pretty conscience of my typos, but tonight may be an exception lol

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Post #2 by TinBin » 3 years ago

that ok m8

i can help
i am on a lot can u give me access to delete anyones posts


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Post #3 by Jim » 3 years ago

No worries here. Glad you got home and are enjoying yourself with the Jays.

Jim :thumbsup:
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Post #4 by Tron » 3 years ago

I will help drink a few!!!!!
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Post #5 by ripper007 » 3 years ago

No worries JoeLouie.

I agree to let TinBin have privileges to help out with spammers. Moderator?
It would have to be a 100% yes votes for all admin and moderators.

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