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Post #1 by Tron » 2 years ago

Billy is playing on the sidewalk with his toy cars when this guys walks up to him and asks "Li-li-little b-b-boy, do y-y-you know where the m-m-m-motel is?" Billy looks up but just stares are the guy. So the stuttering man repeats himself, ""Li-li-little b-b-boy, do y-y-you know where the m-m-m-motel is?" Again Billy just stares. So the guys just walks away irritated. Just then Johnny come up and says to Billy "Why didn't you tell the guy where the motel is?" and Billy replies "W-w-w-what and g-g-g-get my ass k-k-kicked?" :lol:

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Post #2 by TinBin » 2 years ago

lol good one

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Post #3 by JoeLouie » 2 years ago

I have to admit that it took me way longer than it should have to understand the joke :rofl:

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