Little Johnny

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Little Johnny

Post #1 by Tron » 6 years ago

Little Johnny woke up one night to a lot of noise coming from his parents room. He got up and went to the door and opened it. He sees his dad on top of his mom. With that, his dad looks over his shoulder and says "Johnny, go back to your room, you are old enough now to know what is going on, and deal with it!"

The next day the dad is going down the hallway and hears noise coming from Johnny's room. He opens the door and sees Johnny on top of his grandma. He yells "Johnny! What the hell are you doing?!!" Johnny looks over his shoulder and says "It aint so funny when it's your mom is it?!" :evil2:

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Post #2 by TheSidewinder » 6 years ago

omg, lol....
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Post #3 by Eyerex » 6 years ago

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Post #4 by TinBin » 6 years ago

lol brill

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