What's The Last Game You Played?

Talk about the most recent video game releases (PC and consoles are welcome) and give two thumbs up or down to the latest movies and music.
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Re: "What's The Last Game You Played?"

Post #31 by TheSidewinder » 11 years ago

Just finished Postal 2 (yeah, it's old) and the expansion for it. Both were hilarious.

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Post #32 by boyward » 11 years ago

MotoGp06 - still amazing!

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Post #33 by lothodon » 10 years ago

The Bourne Conspiracy, amazing game, especially since it's kind of movie based. You don't play Matt Damon's Bourne, but the story is the same as the movie.

VERY good hand to hand combat, first game in years I've played through twice...and I did it in a row too.
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Post #34 by JoeLouie » 10 years ago

The last game that I've played is Fight Night Round 4. I'm not really sure if I liked it better than Round 3 or not... to be honest I don't think it was really much of an "upgrade". Still a great game though.
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Post #35 by JB » 10 years ago

Xbox: Call Of duty 5
PC: Command and Conquer Kains Wraith/ COD5 Zombies
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Post #36 by Nastyboy132 » 10 years ago

cod 5 zommmmmmbies.
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Post #37 by ElementalWarrior » 10 years ago

Eve Online (Trial, pfft im not paying real money monthy for any mmo :P )
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Post #38 by TinBin » 10 years ago

playing Damnation at the mo good game

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Post #39 by lothodon » 10 years ago

halo wars. normally i "dislike" strategy games (because i suck) but this one was really good. picked it up for a whole $15 at the pawn shop and enjoyed it quite a bit more than i thought i would.

it's not starcraft by any means (good for me) and very well made for a console rts game. legendary is however, far beyond my abilities.

also put me over 20k for gamerscore. that's out of a possible 56k i think.
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Post #40 by gapsta » 10 years ago

wolfenstien 09,
great game easy as good as the COD series single player but i'm now at the hard bit lol

graphics are just amazing at times, with the standard water on the screen thing and shockwaves from grenades and good fire and explosions, with great looking enemys and big roooms
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