house of D [movie review]

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house of D [movie review]

Post #1 by freonchill » 15 years ago

well, it wasnt that i thought it was
i guess b/c i had forgotten the trailer i had seen back in 2004 when it was made (but not released till now?!)

it is a story about a boy whose theory is that a boy becomes a man when he is 13, but due to the occurances around his own 13th birthday, he didnt become a man, but now that his son is about to turn 13, that he can make the journey with him.

includes: David Duchovny (x-files fame), robin williams, T?a Leoni, Erykah Badu, Mark Margolis (from pi & requiem for a dream)

all and all a good movie, but not good enough to add to the dvd collection


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