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The Flipside of Dominick Hide

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2005 3:25 pm
by Eyerex
If you remember this on the BBC your as old as me :cry:

Flipside of Dominick Hide

The Flipside Of Dominic Hide: Peter Firth is the eponymous hero of this double BANFF winner, an entertaining tale of time travel, romance, comedy and suspense, flipping between 2130 and 1980, with an ingenious twist in the tail. Another Flip For Dominic: A sequel to the outstandingly successful Flipside of Dominick Hide. Peter Firth is a time-traveller from the year 2132 visiting London, 1982, and coming face to face with his past

I just seen this to buy on DVD but as we all know somethings are best left in the past as they are never the same to watch when your older. But may buy to remember this great TV programmes.....I can still remember the first time the A-team came on TV :lol: I was in Morecambe on holiday :cool: ps it's a dump...