Olympus Has Fallen Vs White House Down

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Olympus Has Fallen Vs White House Down

Post #1 by gapsta » 4 years ago

Olympus Has Fallen Vs White House Down

Which did you prefer? and why, i really enjoyed them both for different reasons, although prior to watching WHD i expected a load of crap as id enjoyed OHF so much

Olympus Has Fallen

White House Down

I just noticed the ratings are very similar on IMBD while looking up links, if you didnt see em they are great fun!
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Post #2 by Tron » 4 years ago

Olympus Has Fallen was a lot better. The movie seemed more believable. Action packed!
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cajun crawdaddy
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Post #3 by cajun crawdaddy » 4 years ago

They were both pretty good. I liked White House Down a little better tho it seemed like I was watching a rerun of and older movie. I guess too many good movie's have made me expect a lot more. I still like to see new tech used with the new shows.Don't get me wrong I watch almost every movie that come out. I love a good movie.

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Post #4 by TinBin » 4 years ago

both good movies but yeah i would say Olympus Has Fallen was loads better

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