iTunes and Media Player not reading Mp3 Tags from NAS

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iTunes and Media Player not reading Mp3 Tags from NAS

Post #1 by Eyerex » 6 years ago

Bit of an odd one but the last few days have been sorting out my sisters itunes library ie getting them all in the right order plus have all the album artwork which took a few days as iTunes can be a pain in the arse when reading tags where Media Player seems to be less fussy

so i got all the mp3's tagged so everything is right on her laptop and then copied the files to a NAS so everyone else in the house can play the files via iTunes on there PC's / laptops problem is when you click ever Shared Libraries on iTunes or Other Libraries in Media Player all the music would load ok but is missing all the album art plus compilations albums are not grouped

after pulling my hair out and smoking to may woodbines for the last few day i found that if you map the Nas then link iTunes and Media Player to the music folder that way everything works ie album art and compilations albums are grouped

so wondered why i have to map the drive to get iTunes and Media Player to read Mp3 Tags ?

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