execute Java applications and Java Applets in Linux

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execute Java applications and Java Applets in Linux

Post #1 by ripper007 » 7 years ago

If you have Linux and want to play or execute a jar file, install java-binfmt-misc .
This is what I had to install on my SUSE Linux operating system to be able to play minecraft.jar game.
not sure if this will work for everyone.
it took me forever to figure out what I needed to install to make this work.

java-binfmt-misc - The binfmt_misc support for Java

Linux beats them ALL! While all other OS's are TALKING about direct support of Java Binaries in the OS, Linux is doing it! You can execute Java applications and Java Applets just like any other program after you have installed this package.
This package contains:

Execute Jar File
Execute Java Class file
Execute Java Web Start file
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