Digg and Del.icio.us, now featured on OE

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Digg and Del.icio.us, now featured on OE

Post #1 by JoeLouie » 11 years ago

I've added a feature where you can now add threads from OE to Digg. I know that there are at least a few people on here that use Digg, and for those that don't, and aren't sure how it works, you can read about How Digg Works.

Also, you can now add links to OE threads to your del.icio.us bookmarks. It's easy to do, and they come in handy (I use it all the time). Read here for more info on how it works.

I can enable/disable it per forum, so right now it's enabled on all of them except the Testing/Board Issues forum. If anybody has any questions, feel free to ask.

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