Place yourself on the map.

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Re: Place yourself on the map.

Post #21 by JoeLouie » 14 years ago

|╖JB|╖ wrote:Damn im stupid... the only reason i said that was there was something pointing on the map and i just assumed :( ... im a noob

lol, sorry. I didn't even clue in that it put me somewhere's in the middle of Halifax. I couldn't figure out how to put it exactly where my house was lol. I had it zoomed in all the way, found my street and figured out exactly where my house was, :lol:

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Post #22 by JB » 14 years ago

lol..... looking at the map also .. it put me in dartmouth lol

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Post #23 by Boemio » 13 years ago

Hello people... Finally found the people that hanged around GhostCDR page...
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Post #24 by freonchill » 13 years ago

dont know how i wasnt on there
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Post #25 by TheSidewinder » 13 years ago

I added my spot to that map. :beer2:

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Post #26 by grades » 12 years ago

i'm there to
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Post #27 by GinnyNY » 11 years ago

The map won't come up for me :(
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Post #28 by ElementalWarrior » 11 years ago

the entire website is dead from the looks of it

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