Motor sport

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Motor sport

Post #1 by Eyerex » 15 years ago

And as they come into the last comer the winner is????..well it?s not going to be F1 The thing is I love F1 have watched it from when I was little I?m always up to watch the early morning races like 3am for the Australia race but like Pepsi when you first open the bottle it?s full of fizz but even when the bottle has been sitting there for a while and is now flat you still drink it?When I fist started watching F1 the car looked so good with there smooth lines and them big fat tires and the drivers had a personality which most drivers today lack in every way (there just so dull) The thing that get?s my goat is you have the big teams which there?s always been with all the money and the little boys at the back but now a days it?s me me me from the big teams and the little boy don?t get a chance with is a shame because they have more passion then the big boys any day of the week. So why doesn?t that little midget who runs F1 do some thing about it, because he there for the big boys he may have given some money to Minardi but to get F1 back to the good old days they have to give everyone the same engine which will give everyone a chance?.but something is coming about to take F1 on the last corner the world series from a very rich Arab which will have teams from around the world and guess what they all have the same car so it?s down to the driver and the mechanics to get the car setup and running well.

So will someone please save the motor sport i love.......

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