u know, i just realized something funny

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u know, i just realized something funny

Post #1 by freonchill » 15 years ago

especially w/ apple suing that kid [ok, post graduate college student who doesnt have a real job yet] who did a blog w/ info about something they have yet to release...

im watching medium, that new show on nbc w/ patricia arquette;
and the lawyer] was saying how something in the case was leaked to the press
he [the defending lawyer] obviously did it
but whose to say that that isnt the same as releasing info before they happen (ie: news about new mac hardware)
and the same goes for movies, music, games, etc
something is released to the press or the public to bring pressure upon the DA to do something in the case
and something is released before into the public for the public to put press on the mpaa (or the companies they work for...) to put out bettter movies
but in this case, the DA (or the mpaa) is fighting back and sueing us for making them to do their job better...

am i completely off base on this or am i getting something ?

most people dont care how they get their news, movies, music, games, etc - as long as they get them - this is the american (and most of the world who uses the internet) thinks of technology these days
especially with stuff that ISNT physical. they have analogies on news stories of how most people who download music (or whatever) would never walk into a store and steal a product.

its because sharing music, movies, etc is the same a reading, writing, or sharing news (blogs) are we going to educating (ok, my word, but perhaps just another way to connect w/ other people b/c of own personal uselessness and a need to tell stories about things i have found out or something that has happened to me; or perhaps this is just something inherrent in the human-genotype so propogate information for the group (think pre-historic hunter/gatherer clan like society group)) and p2p, blogs, etc - is the ability of the individual human to become what we was when there was the small clans, but this now becomes more that there is an informationalist from each clan to an informationalist per human in this new digital era

oh well, im sure by writing this editorial article, that the mpaa and riaa will come after me for expressing my own view on this topic... oh, well.

post script: maybe thats what drives people to be teachers and pass that information wealth on to the next generation of humans.


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